Samadrusti Open School (SOS)
The Samadrusti Open School has come in to existence with the purpose of creating a network of grass root print and video journalists who take up reporting after knowing fully well the history, society, politics, economy, natural resources and people of Odisha. No formal degree is required to join this course and one may learn the course from anywhere in the state bout certainly not as an individual but as part of a collective of learners. About a hundred students have taken part in this course from across the state. The school will be happy if contributions are made to support the ecnomically deprived learners of the school who form the majority among the learners. The school encourages Tribal, Dalit and Rural poor to take advantage of the open learning programme. The cost per learner is quite reasonable for the students for one year Diploma Course in Journalism From Below, which has been fixed at Rs 5000 for the entire period. Even this small amount appears to be a big one for them. The cost covers teaching-learning materials, books and sharing workshops. One may get details about the school from  .
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The Rajendra Sarangi death anniversary discussion on "Economic History of Agriculture in Odisha and Future" will take place at Rajendra Deshi Chasa Gabesana Kendra, Nilai on Niali-Nariso road on March 27, 2017 at 10 AM. Please join us . Contact Numbers: Yubaraj 9937493115 and Sibasish 9853456083

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