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Welcome to “the samadrusti”

The Samadrusti came in to existence in the year 2005 as a response to the crisis created because of naked corporatism propagated by the media in Orissa. The people in Orissa disappeared from the center of any news medium and were turned into only news consumers. One after another newspapers in regional languages started bringing out regional editions. Some of the the national dailies also launched their Bhubaneswar editions. Several TV channels in Odia language also started appearing in. It was quite visible to any serious reader or viewers that the news media had a insatiable appetite for advertisement revenue and none seemed to have the objective of highlighting the plight of farmers, tribals, peasants, artisans , workers or even the less poor lower middle income groups all those who were in distress. Corporations, capital, foreign capital, MOUs, Mega projects, rapid industrialization became the new buzz words of the media sector. read more





Dear Viewers,

The Samadrusti has been surviving with the support of its readers and viewers. Some of the close friends of the Editor along with their families have been standing very firmly with our group from its inception. Yet it has been a formidable challenge for this intimate media initiative to sustain itself without corporate, state and NGO support. Please be part of us and be with us. You may devise your own ways of supporting us. Overseas friends should mobilize pdf subscriptions. Rest of the friends may directly contribute towards life time subscription and gift subscriptions for people who can't afford to buy the copies. Our account details can be obtained through e.mail. This is a challenging time for non corporate media to survive and if they fail, Truth and Justice will suffer like never before. As part of our independent media initiative we have the following in the list, The Samadrusti News Fortnightly, The Gramin Samadrusti, The Madhayantara ( Video News Magazine), Documentaries, Samadrusti Open School, Samadrusti Lohia Academy Mukta Vidyalaya and we have plans for many more but it is not possible to think of anything beyond Samadrusti now. Please converse with the Editor and do the needful.

If you you want to be in touch with the Editor directly, please write to him at One part of the email id is his mobile number.

Samadrusti TV
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