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The Samadrusti came in to existence in the year 2005 as a response to the crisis created because of naked corporatism propagated by the media in Orissa. The people in Orissa disappeared from the center of any news medium and were turned into only news consumers. One after another newspapers in regional languages started bringing out regional editions. Some of the the national dailies also launched their Bhubaneswar editions. Several TV channels in Odia language also started appearing in. It was quite visible to any serious reader or viewers that the news media had a insatiable appetite for advertisement revenue and none seemed to have the objective of highlighting the plight of farmers, tribals, peasants, artisans , workers or even the less poor lower middle income groups all those who were in distress. Corporations, capital, foreign capital, MOUs, Mega projects, rapid industrialization became the new buzz words of the media sector. read more




News & Events

1st Rabi Ray Sanman will be given to the octogenarian thinker, writer and activist Prof. Bhagabat Prasad on his 86th Birthday at Royat Colony, Rayagada on December 20, 2017 at 11 AM. Lohia Academy has requested friends, fans and well wishers of Bhagabat babu to please attend the program. The Academy is also releasing a book it has published as part of Rabi Ray Sanman which will be released on the occasion. Title of the book by Bhagabt Prasad is , " Paravakhi O Parasosinka Kabalaru Jevan Heu Jantrana Mukta".

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